Historical Pictures! So many brains to discuss about the strategies to increase, protect, promote global #BRAIN #HEALTH. So pleased and humbled to be with all these committed and passionate neurologists and neurorehabilitatros from allover the world. 

#WFNR and #WFN – Approaches to brain health- 16th December 2022
World Congress of NeuroRehabilitation, Wien

Wolfgang Grisold, President WFN World Federation of Neurology
Volker Hömberg, President WFNR World Federation Neurorehab
Nirmal Surya, President IFNR Indian Federation Neurorehab
Mayowa Ojo Owolabi, WFNR Ibadan / NG
Dafin Mureșanu,President EFNR European Federation Neurorehab
Izumi Kondo, WFNR Obu / JP
Riadh Gouider Tunis / TN WFN delegate to Pan African Union of Neurological Societies
Hamidon Basri Sengalor, President Asian Oceanian Association of Neurology.
Augustina Charaway-Felli, President AAN African Academy of Neurology
Marco Medina, WFN delegate to Pan American Federation of Neurological Societies
Vladimir Hachinski, past President of WFN and one of authors of brain health new definition
and me!!!