Seoul, 25th October 2018- I wish to thank all colleagues and WHO collaborating centers for confirming by acclamation myself from Italy and Haejung Li from Corea as co-chairs 2018-2020 of the WHO Functioning and Disability Reference Group. Thank you to Olaf Kraus de Camargo from WHO Canadian Collaborating Centre that is going to be with us FDRG Secretariat again!

Thank you to the Italian WHO CC for supporting me and specially our CC Director Lucilla Frattura! It is a great honor to serve for another mandate until 2020!! I am hoping to increase ICF and WHO DAS 2.0 use worldwide, in clinical, rehabilitation, education, statistics, disability eligibility.. with the help of all, from WHO and back to Italy from my Institute Besta.

Here the new FDRG Secretariat with WHO coordinator Dr. Robert Jacob immediately after elections!