Yesterday in UK a decision has been made so that patients with disorders of consciousness, coma, vegetative state and minimal conscious state, if family and doctors agree, can be withdrawn nutrition and hydration and in 2-3 weeks die without any Court involvement.

I’d rather be a British dog which is provided a lethal injection, than a UK patients that is condemned to die for hunger,  as the hypocrite UK NHS and Government are denying that they perform euthanasia, so in the name of “best interest” they make a patient die like this, worst than a dog. This is an economic decision from NHS which is covered by “humanity” by the Court pretending to consider best interest.

If there is disagreement between the family and the doctors in any case the patient will die,  as in UK the Court will decide for the death of patient in name of his/her best interest (it happened in several cases not last the case of Alfie Gard).

As neurologist and  Director of Coma Research Centre at Italian national Neurological institute I share  my concern for a situation that, if badly handled, can precipitate towards a “cleaning” of incurable of the NHS. For their best interest, of course.

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