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new questions for research and new answers from innovation

Saturday 4th November 2017


39th Floor Meeting Room

Palazzo Lombardia,  Piazza Città di Lombardia, N1, Milan, Italy


 Conceptual note and Objectives of the Innovation and Research for Healthy Ageing Event

The main aim of this Event is to support Ministries of Health that will convene in Milan for the G7, to identify the most important challenges and the key questions that we need to answer to improve healthy ageing worldwide. G7 Health Ministers’ Meeting is one of the ministerial meetings, which brings together the Health Ministers from G7 (Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and the European Commission to exchange views and form a consensus on a variety of health issues which the international society is facing. Healthy Ageing is one of them and RESEARCH and INNOVATION could be keys to achieve it globally

There is an increasing need to move global agenda on healthy ageing, the next big public health challenge, forward.

We need to identify new ways of thinking about old things, as we are not asking the right questions of policy makers, to researchers, to society.

How do we frame the questions of research and innovation so that we can reframe the challenges of healthy ageing? There are still gaps that need to be filled, and this is the role of research. There is an increasing need to bring together various novel ideas in a way that they affect society, and this is the role of innovation.

The aim of this G7 side event, coordinated and organized by the National Neurological Institute Carlo Besta IRCCS Foundation, that in 2018 will celebrate 100 years from its foundation, is to reframe the challenges of healthy ageing in a manner that will lead to innovation and make a difference to the lives of older adults. The Italian G7 Technical Workshop will consider the issue of healthy ageing that was discussed during last G7 in Japan last year. Results of the Side Event will support the G7 summit with items focusing on research and innovation. WHO has been providing technical inputs into the global agenda on healthy ageing and will contribute to the G7 workshop so that policy recommendations are consistent from a global perspective.

European Brain Council (EBC) is a non-profit organization gathering patient associations, major brain-related societies as well as industries and it promote research, in particular brain research,  in order to improve the quality of life of those 165 million Europeans that are living with a brain disorder, causing a global cost (direct and indirect) exceeding 800 billion euros for the National Health budgets.


Lombardia Region is leading innovation and research in the health and welfare sectors and is doing a major political, economic and structural reform to support healthy ageing of its population.